Schools and Charitable Organizations

At Party On! Photo Booths, we recognize the impact that the economy is having upon the schools and charitable organizations in our community. Party On! Photo Booths provides various opportunities for schools and charities to benefit; including substantial discounts and fundraising opportunities.

Non-Profit Discount

Schools and charitable organizations receive a 10% discount off of all our photo booth packages. This includes discounts on occasional sales prices. If your school or charitable organization is planning a fundraiser, awards dinner, homecoming dance, prom, graduation event, carnival, dance, celebration, we’ll give you 10% off any photo booth package. Donors, volunteers, students, parents, and teachers love a Party On! Photo Booth. Having one of our photo booths at your next event will increase the fun and entertainment! Guaranteed!


Raise money for your school/charitable organization by having a Party On! Photo Booth at your next event. From in-school and after school parties (whether it’s crazy hair day, a party celebrating earth day, field day, or unity day at school) to other charitable fundraisers, people love a Party On! Photo Booth and charities win big!